About Jess McCaughey


I have been hand crafting bears and toys with a traditional and nostalgic bent for over 18 years.  I take inspiration from the early German Steiff bears. I am drawn to and inspired by bears that show signs of life, love and wear … those that are less than perfect.  I believe deeply in the wonk, and how often the wonky bits of bears – and us – make for beauty and imperfect perfection. I aim to create work that is a celebration of soul.

I invest every aspect of my creations – from hand dying to hand sewing and extensive aging – with an attention to detail in materials. I am completely self taught in bear and toys making.

As well as selling online to countries all around the world, I have contributed to the book “Meet Me At Mikes”, been involved in three Craft Hatches and had a collaborative exhibition with painter Martin Harris at Outre Gallery. I had a solo exhibition “Quite Bear” as part of Craft Cubed 2014 at Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery, Gasworks Arts Park. My work has also featured in the Age in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

About Jess